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All vb5 skins updated with latest vb5.6.4

Hello Guys,
I have updated all our themes with the latest vb5.6.4.

I have added an icon for photo tab in all flat themes and few gaming themes that used the same icon.
I fixed Ixerius articles homepage broken header sub nav view. I also fixed some buttons padding in Xderium, Cerium D, Trixerium.

​​​​​​​You can re-download now.

I also added 2 more colors based on gaming colors for Ixerius Dark Themes, midnight express(fifa21 inspired) and mmorpg.

Thank you for your support!

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All Our vBulletin 5 themes updated

Hello Guys,

Sorry for a little bit late update. Today we have updated all our vb5 themes with the latest vb5.6.3

You can re-download now if you have an active account.

It contains fixes for small fonts in forumhome user last post and sharper font icons for the forum home 3 tabs for all related styles. I also fixed Aventarius and Ardarine notification bell icon on top right cut off screen. I fixed the AlHatim, AlHakim and AlBukhory category design left and right parts become off position.

Thank you for supporting me.

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Trixerium Updated

SharedScreenshot 3 - Trixerium Updated

Hello Guys,

I have updated the Trixerium theme to fix the custom FontAwesome font icons used in the main navbar tab.
If you going to use your own icon or added more tab and icon now it is easier and working. Last time it is not working.

1. You need to uninstall first any product add on from us then re-upload the latest product_STpropackstyle.xml from your admincp> products and hooks> manage product> add/import product
2. I have updated the template “STMainNavTab_icons” code to make easier to change and add icon. Now we used nth-child number to target the navbar tab.
Style manager> Trixerium> Edit Templates> Custom Templates> STMainNavTab_icons

Other templates updated are head_include and css_additional.css
Using the latest fontawesome I have to re-adjust the forumhome icons size and position.

It is better for those who use Trixerium to start over again.

Thank you Stijepo for reporting the bug.

~ Hanafi

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Xderium and Trixerium Updated!

Hello Guys,
Both Xderium and Trixerium including the dark sets have been updated to fix few display issues.
Most notable are:

1. Title pushed too far in mobile first loading in the forum home page.
2. Subforum list not aligned with top stuff in mobile.
3. Xderium welcome message slant design and broken forum list in iPad vertical.
4. We also fixed the mobile search button for burger menu.
5. In lower width the login form is now seen on top of the burger menu.Not seeing it like overlapping. This is a z-index fix.
6. We have pushed the Xderium content width near to the edge like Cerium-d and do some alignment fix for footer left stuff.

Thank you for your support!

First announced here:

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Updates for some many vBulletin5 styles and almost all xenforo2 styles

Hello Guys,
Please read more here:

vBulletin 5 to fix Profile page missing user title and subscription labels.

Xenforo2 update to fix resources add on – updates notes broken page

Thank you for your Support Guys,
Happy Eid Mubarak!

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All vb5 Styles Updated


P/s: Above is “Coming Soon” new style to be added into our vb5 Gaming Super Pack

Hello Guys,
I have updated again all our vb5 styles in
Super Pack and Pro Pack. Our Pro Pack had the most update because it uses custom tab design with icons in setting page and profile page.

I also fixed the sharing buttons in postbit overlaps in pro pack styles. Along with that I recolor and fix the position of admincp button when sitebuilder turned on. All admincp button and toggle button color have been rematched with the pro pack style theme color.

lahwia 1024x519 - All vb5 Styles Updated
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Sajrya new xenforo 2 theme released! And all our xenforo themes are updated with xenforo 2.1.1

sajrya - Sajrya new xenforo 2 theme released! And all our xenforo themes are updated with xenforo 2.1.1

Hello Guys,
All our xenforo2 styles updated with latest xenforo2.1.1
We also released Sajrya, our latest theme addition into our xenforo2 superpack.

Please read more here:
Thank you for your support!

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Pro Pack – Series updated!

Hello Guys,
Our original 4 Pro Pack theme series (light) have been updated with following fixes:
1. Firefox topic status icons cut off
2. Added topic status icon for deleted and locked with label styling.
3. XDerium top right menu drop down arrow color is now white.

Announced here:

Thank you for your support!

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ST vB3 Responsive Updated Again!!

Hello Guys,

Today, we have updated again our vb3 responsive to fix following:
1) I fixed the logout link drop when logged in in iphone6 plus.
2) I fixed the moderator column to have a width so it balanced out the rest.
3) I fixed safari 5 desktop logo being so small.
4) Youtube video in desktop too big

Please read more here:

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ST vB3 Responsive Updated!

Hello Guys,
I have fixed number of issues.

1) Moderator column is not available.
Now you can turn on and see your moderator list.
Admin CP -> vBulletin Options -> vBulletin Options -> Forum Listings Display Options -> Show Moderator Column [Yes]
How to add Moderators – admincp> Forum and Moderator> Forum manager> Moderators drop down> Add moderator

2) Moderation usercp not responsive

3)Default style(responsive) last post columns not default.

4) Instagram widget not responsive
5) “Edit” link in post – editor color picker pop up fix.
5.1) reply post – editor color picker pop up fix.

6. SEO improvement request –
6.1) Added OG and Twitter card meta tag for SEO in headinclude template
6.2)Added favicon.ico in headinclude template
6.3)Added Google analytic script in headinclude template
6.4) Insert alt description for empty alt tags – only left is cron img that is not in the template
6.5) Making longer heading tag for responsive menu and the footer about us.
6.6) Minify 2 external css files.

** for 6-8 you need to do editing based on your site. Please be extra careful with html open and close tag.
SEO score will not change much because default vbulletin 3 links system is dynamic not permalink (friendly URLS) kind of link formatting.
I have done what I can with the SEO. Alt tag for images never missing, their system don’t read empty alt tags. To get good results you need to have friendly URLs and many more subjective stuff such as keyword or backlinking that is not related to template. Happy SEOing!!

Changed templates are.
1.) customfootertemplateL
2) headinclude
3) navbar
6) forumhome_forumbit_level1_nopost

Changed Files

p/s: Please use FORUMHOME and FORUMDISPLAY template from sidebar style if used the style with the custom sidebar.

I have renamed the style so better reflect what it is for example, style with sidebar is named with – sidebar in the end. No sidebar is now is not named with no sidebar because no sidebar is default vbulletin 3 layout.

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ST vB5 Super Pack Updated

Hello Guys,
I have updated all 34 styles in the Super Pack.

Below are the fixes:
1. All Styles- missing infraction and arrow in quote icons in postbit
2. Amanius-new font, plus icon, flag icon, closed and deleted icon.
3. Ardarine v2 & Avantarius2, prefix deleted, closed – icons and bg for label. Icon cut off in firefox.
4. Bukhory – category design fix in topic list in Chrome / added delete and closed icon
5. Hatim – category design fix in topic list in Chrome / added delete and closed icon
6. Hakim – category design fix in topic list in Chrome / added delete and closed icon
7. Bad dragon/blue – category design fix in topic list in Chrome
8. Bad dragon2 – category design fix in topic list in Chrome
9. Ziqrien and Ziqrien-p – missing posted statusicon

Thank you for your Support!

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Pro Pack updated!

Hello Guys.
Both Pro Pack light and dark themes series has been updated.
1) Fix propack Trixerium black series – fix subforum icons colors in sub forum page -forum listing and subforum icons cutoff in firefox. Trixerium Cocoablack login arrow.
2) Fix propack subforum Actinium bunkerred cutoff icon

3) Fix propack Trixerium light series – top menu drop down arrow color when inactive.
and subforum icons circle bg color in sub forum page -forum listing and subforum icons cutoff in firefox

Thank you for your support!

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ST vb5 Pro Pack updated again

Hello Guys,

Sorry for double updates.
Now I released again my vb5 Pro Pack series update. You can redownload now.

1. The subforum icon is now changing colors when there is new post
2. Fix double collapse arrow in sitebuilder pages.

There are multiple updates for Arabic again.
1. The Xderium forumhome bordering messed up from yesterday update is now fixed
2. The search drop down arrow position in Arabic is now fixed in all styles.
3. Trixerium Arabic forum home icons alignment fix
4. All Trixerium styles login drop down arrow is now visible and for 2 other(Xderium CinnabarRed and PigmentGreen)
5. For some styles the subforum bg is transparent. This is now fixed.

Thank you.

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ST vb5 Pro Pack updated – Arabic fixes

Hello Guys,

I have fix numerous issues with Arabic especially XDerium. Thank you For Brother Abdul Rahman for reporting.
You can now re-download the zip.

1. Arabic and non Arabic subforum folder icons spacing bug.
2. Arabic breadcrumb home being cut off
3. XDerium forumhome icons overlaps in subforum list.
4. XDerium postbit bottom slant triangle design off position in Arabic.

Thank you for your support,


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Xenforo Styles Updated

Hello Guys,
Both xenforo versions have been updated with the latest xenforo 1.5.22 and xenforo 2.010.

I have also released Merhania and Redxodus for xenforo 2. Now we have 26 altogether in the xenforo2 Super Pack.
I have also fixed some earlier display bugs in conversation messages and profile messages.


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All vb5 and xenforo styles updated to the latest version.

Hello Guys,

All vb5 are now up to date with the latest vb5.4.3
And xenforo2 with xenforo 2.0.9(no outdated templates)

Please read more here:

and xenforo2

Thank you Guys.

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All vb5 styles updated!

Hello Guys.
All our vb5 styles in our Super Pack or Pro Pack have been updated with vb5.4.1
You can now redownload your styles.

We have updated our vb5 styles to the latest vb5.4.1
In many occasion We saw 2 template changes: header and display topic.

I also fixed the top bar border suddenly appears in this versions. And put in 4 more svg icons missing from last version, the search icons, the fb icon and the alert error icon.

Thank you for your support,

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ST vB5 Gaming Super Pack updated with vb5.4.0

Hello Guys,

Our Gaming Super Pack is now fully updated with vb5.4.0

I am sorry for late update.

Please read more details here about the new SVG sprite image :

Our Pro Pack was updated yesterday


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ST vb5 Pro Pack updated with vbulletin 5.4.0

Hi Guys,
I am glad to announce the release of the update for ST vb5 Pro Pack which consist 4 flat themes  with various colors and few extra themes.
All styles have been updated with vb5.4.0

Please readmore here some release notes:

Next update will be Gaming Super Pack.

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8 xenforo2 styles updated.

Hello Guys,

Here are the bug fixes list for our xenforo2 styles:

1) Aventarius,Ardarine,Bad Dragon/blue,Bad Dragon2 – background not full.
2) Izalusia, Bad dragons – lower screens category design out off box – cut off
3) Mergastua – logo overlaps in lower screens fix
4) Mergastua and Rajawali – logo vb5 theme wording now to xenforo theme
5) Mergastua and Ledang = mobile navtab leftright nav fix


Thank you.