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Xderium and Trixerium Updated!

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  • Xderium and Trixerium Updated!

    Hello Guys,
    Both Xderium and Trixerium including the dark sets have been updated to fix few display issues.
    Most notable are:

    1. Title pushed too far in mobile first loading in the forum home page.
    2. Subforum list not aligned with top stuff in mobile.
    3. Xderium welcome message slant design and broken forum list in iPad vertical.
    4. We also fixed the mobile search button for burger menu.
    5. In lower width the login form is now seen on top of the burger menu.Not seeing it like overlapping. This is a z-index fix.
    6. We have pushed the Xderium content width near to the edge like Cerium-d and do some alignment fix for footer left stuff.

    Thank you for your support!