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Trixerium Updated

SharedScreenshot 3 - Trixerium Updated

Hello Guys,

I have updated the Trixerium theme to fix the custom FontAwesome font icons used in the main navbar tab.
If you going to use your own icon or added more tab and icon now it is easier and working. Last time it is not working.

1. You need to uninstall first any product add on from us then re-upload the latest product_STpropackstyle.xml from your admincp> products and hooks> manage product> add/import product
2. I have updated the template “STMainNavTab_icons” code to make easier to change and add icon. Now we used nth-child number to target the navbar tab.
Style manager> Trixerium> Edit Templates> Custom Templates> STMainNavTab_icons

Other templates updated are head_include and css_additional.css
Using the latest fontawesome I have to re-adjust the forumhome icons size and position.

It is better for those who use Trixerium to start over again.

Thank you Stijepo for reporting the bug.

~ Hanafi

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ST vb5 Pro Pack updated again

Hello Guys,

Sorry for double updates.
Now I released again my vb5 Pro Pack series update. You can redownload now.

1. The subforum icon is now changing colors when there is new post
2. Fix double collapse arrow in sitebuilder pages.

There are multiple updates for Arabic again.
1. The Xderium forumhome bordering messed up from yesterday update is now fixed
2. The search drop down arrow position in Arabic is now fixed in all styles.
3. Trixerium Arabic forum home icons alignment fix
4. All Trixerium styles login drop down arrow is now visible and for 2 other(Xderium CinnabarRed and PigmentGreen)
5. For some styles the subforum bg is transparent. This is now fixed.

Thank you.