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ST vb5 Pro Pack updated again

Hello Guys,

Sorry for double updates.
Now I released again my vb5 Pro Pack series update. You can redownload now.

1. The subforum icon is now changing colors when there is new post
2. Fix double collapse arrow in sitebuilder pages.

There are multiple updates for Arabic again.
1. The Xderium forumhome bordering messed up from yesterday update is now fixed
2. The search drop down arrow position in Arabic is now fixed in all styles.
3. Trixerium Arabic forum home icons alignment fix
4. All Trixerium styles login drop down arrow is now visible and for 2 other(Xderium CinnabarRed and PigmentGreen)
5. For some styles the subforum bg is transparent. This is now fixed.

Thank you.

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ST vb5 Pro Pack updated with vbulletin 5.4.0

Hi Guys,
I am glad to announce the release of the update for ST vb5 Pro Pack which consist 4 flat themes  with various colors and few extra themes.
All styles have been updated with vb5.4.0

Please readmore here some release notes:

Next update will be Gaming Super Pack.

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All vb5 styles updated with vb5.3.1

Hello Guys,

All vb5 SuperPack Styles updated,  All vb5 Pro Pack Styles,  All vb5 single style purchases have been updated.
Now you can re-download your purchases at old shop or  new shop where you first purchased my styles.

Please read more here:

Thank you for your support


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Pro Pack Flat Themes now sold separately

trixerium3 4 - Pro Pack Flat Themes now sold separately

Hello Guys,

3 themes in a pack are now available individually. Thus you can save a lot by purchasing the Pro Pack here which includes all 3 flat themes below and other free themes.

Cerium D(8 styles) –

Xderium (5 styles) –

Trixerium (5 styles) –


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Small update for cerium-d and xderium theme

Hello Guys.
I have updated both cerium-d and xderium styles xml and pro pack zip file.

cerium-d: I updated the welcome message to have normal links.
xderiumd: I updated the top bar to have more width to give more rooms so avatar not falling below in small screen.

Thank you for your support,

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ST vb5 ProPack first update.

I have updated the ProPack with cerium-d footer fix where language chooser is active.
And for those who choose not to have footer columns, you need to paste this code inside
Style manager> style name> Cerium-d style name> edit templates> CSS Templates> css_additional.css

Paste this CSS code on top of the css_additional.css

/*-- REVERT to default footer --*/
#footer-tabbar {
float: none!important;
clear: none!important;
margin-top: 10px!important;
#footer-tabbar ul.nav-list{
float: right!important;
clear: none!important;
#footer-tabbar > ul > li{
float: left!important;
clear: none!important;

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Coming Soon ST vb5 Pro Pack

Hello Guys,

You can expect them in 2 week time.

I am sorting out styles.
Now my SuperPack is mainly Gaming Styles. It is time to make a Gaming only Pack.
It is better for categories and concentration priority.

Gaming Styles will be in Super Pack. It will be about 30 styles including Black Series. Yes it will down from current number 35 styles but I will increase later with new gaming designs. This give me room to develop more.

Non Gaming Styles will be in “Pro Pack”. It will consist new modern flat style called “Cerium-d” with it’s variation and some old none gaming styles inserted in it such as Achik,Achik2,Fatih, ST Original and Forumo2.

Existing “Super Pack” customers can switch to the new “Pro Pack” without any charge(free) if they show to me that you are using my non gaming styles and I will check from web archive history, you are using at least 2-3 months back.

This is one time only change, cannot switch back to Super Pack again. This is the best I can think without neglecting or taking advantage existing “Super Pack” customers and without you taking advantage of me.

You can contact me from contact form when it is time to switch.