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6 vb5 styles updated: Mergastua, Mahkota, Ledang, Rajawali, Bad Dragon and Bad Dragon2

Hello Guys,

I have updated again 6(newest-digital art)styles:
Bad Dragon, Bad Dragon2, Ledang, Mahkota, Mergastua and Rajawali

All for 2 fixes.
1. Category Spacing end table tag
2. Comment header has huge space.

Only these 6 used category spacing modification and the next coming new flat style collections.

All zips are updated including the Super Pack.

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Responsive Fix for Bad Dragons

Hello Guys,
I have done fixes for responsive mobile layout bugs for various screens in both Bad Dragon and Bad Dragon2

They are all updated and included in Super Pack.
You need to re-upload the related style folder back for each style you used.
Please read the readme.txt for complete instructions.

For those who missed out previous updates.
Bad Dragons socialicons are now manage-able from a custom template called “STCustomSocialiconsLinks”  not in header template anymore.
Please read more here:

Thank you for your support.

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Sneak Peak : Coming Soon vBulletin 5 Gaming Style

Hello Guys.
I am excited about this new style, It is something that you never seen from me before but I am not rushing it.

Please read here: