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5 new xenforo styles released

Hello Guys, We have added 5 more gaming styles to our xenforo collection as announced here:

They are 4 ziqriens and redxodus.
They are all converted from our vb5 skins.



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New and new super pack

sultantheme new - New and new super pack

Hello Guys.

I am proud to announce our new website design has been launched. Along with that we have 2 new super packs. Both for vBulletin 5 and Xenforo.

Direct link to buy SultanTheme’s Xenforo styles Super Pack:

SultanTheme’s  vBulletin5 styles Super Pack:

Thank you.




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5 more xenforo new styles released

Hello Guys,

I am glad to announce 5 more xenforo styles added into our collection now total of 27 xenforo styles altogether.
Blackorwhite is also added to bundled package “Black Series”.

These collection is conversion from vb4 and v3 collection to xenforo. Buntu, Sentosa and mekarsenja is from vb3 never been ported to vb4.

Hope you like them,






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4 new xenforo styles released

Hello Guys,

Our xenforo styles collection is now increased to 14 styles.

You must check out this release.
I am happy to announce them. 3 black styles, black pink, black purple and black blue and also morning glory.

You can go straight to the demo forum to them :

The shop links are:
Black Purple

Black Pink

Black Blue

Morning Glory

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Free Discontinued Styles – all vb4.2.2, all vb3.8.7, all vb3.7.6 and xenforo 1.5.1

We have decided that all vb4.2.2 styles, all vb3.8.7 skins and vb3.7.6 skins discontinued.

We are giving all them away for free. Please select proper category to download.

Discontinued styles are not supported. Have Fun!.

Or else, We have a premium vb3 responsive style pack, please check it on the image..




Please select proper version and please note that some older version is not suitable for newer version.

Use at your own risk. Discontinued styles are not supported