ST vb3 Responsive


3 beautiful responsive vbulletin 3 styles in one package. Design refreshed in 2017. Modern and flat design.

Also included “ST Default Style Responsive”. This is a default style made responsive.


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Please read release notes here:

This style project took a lot of time to make it happen.

This is a fully responsive vbulletin 3 styles. vbulletin 3 is table based layout, it is an old version of vbulletin software, but many still using it because it’s lightness and speed. Nowadays responsive feature is a must. Google will keep asking about it. All website must have a mobile version. This style is not separate desktop and mobile style. It is one style, it will fall into responsive mode when in mobile.

I have made responsive in many pages beside of main pages.These include usercp, faq, pm, user online, search results, advance search and many more.

It also supports big images responsive, bb code html, bbcode quote and attachment. All will look good in postbit.

It also support responsive youtube bb code, which I put here:

Postbit legacy and normal postbit also responsive. Postbit legacy will fall into normal horizontal postbit when in mobile.

Please try it first in mobile before you purchase.
Thank you.


Demo is here:
Please use bottom style selector to see more


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