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vB5 Styles Updated

Hello Guys.

Below are styles updated for “date” being displayed broken in messenger and private message.
This is because the date was custom positioned in postbit. Fix has been applied to below styles.

I also re-update (again) the category spacing modification for 6 styles(bad dragon, bad dragon2, ledang, mahkota, mergastua and rajawali)

Futuris2 has a new logo and Amanius2 have a new background photo.I also fix the breadcrumb and notice padding.

This is the last time SuperPack will have all 35styles updated before I make a new Pro Pack that will sort non gaming styles.

Thank you.

Bad Dragon/ BD Blue
Bad Dragon2
Eridanus/ E BF4
Redxodus & Rexodus minima
2 Saga-x Series
ST Original
4 Ziqrien Series

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All Our vB5 skins updated to vb5.2.6

Hello Guys,
I personally would like to thank KP from for helping me out for this work to be done.

You can now re-download your style in old shop or new shop whereever you first made purchased.

All our vb5 skins has been updated with the latest vb5.2.6 which saw new event function.

I have updated the sprite image with new icons.
Since the sprite image has new update, I fixed the plus icon for subscribe and new topic for all styles.

Css_global.css which seen a lot of sprite css, I have taken them out and put inside css_additional.css
I also put back the top menu icons and put the footer icons in all of our styles. This uses fontawesome 4.7.0 icons.

I styled the event calendar pop up for black styles, when you click edit button to re-edit the event.

Have Fun!