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ONE custom style for for vbulletin CloudUSD 225.00 ONLY

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If you need me to customise your vbulletin cloud forum, I can do this online. A new style will be created. I will do colors customisation and CSS overwrites for your forums. This will make your forum pretty much different from boring default look.

I did my first two vbclouds style customers here: http://www.tradingvip.org/vbcloud 1024x515 - vbcloud custom style

and http://www.m1garandforum.com/
m1g 1024x554 - vbcloud custom style

What I can do on vbcloud:

I can fully customise your forum colors and background almost 100%.
I can put new icons and forum icons. I can change postbit icons. And matching other small icons.

What I cannot do.

I cannot edit the templates as it is not offered in vbcloud.
The style also cannot be backed up because there is no way to save style. Except we can save CSS overwrites that we have done.

What do I need to work on vbcloud.

I need admin account with access to sitebuilder and admincp to upload files

Customer’s Satisfaction – TradingVIP via linkedin
testimonial1 - vbcloud custom style

Customer’s Satisfaction – M1GarandForum via email
testimonial - vbcloud custom style


Customer’s Satisfaction – walts-basement.com via email

wb 1024x554 - vbcloud custom style
rhonda1 - vbcloud custom style

Customer’s Satisfaction – Aria Gaming (old design converted to vbcloud)

ariagaming 1024x563 - vbcloud custom style
james - vbcloud custom style

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