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7 new vb4.1.4 skins released.

Hello Guys,

Here are the 7 new vb4 skins as promised.
Now my collection number is 32 vbulletin4 skins.

This released has my favorite skin listed, merhania, supertune and 2 forumos
2 new Forumo skins complete the set of 3 Forumo variation. Achik 3 completes the Achik set(also 3 variation).

Retouch done for merhania, supertune and aquafresh2, you can compare them with vb3 version at vb3 demo forum.

Now as usual, First link is the preview link. Second link is the shop link.








Have Fun!

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4 vb4.0.4 skins released.

Hello Guys.

Now I have 8 vb4 skins, 3 are converted from 3.8.x, popular Achik, Pesona4 and BlackOrange. The GreenStreets is totally new design with simple flash animation, it is for vb4 only. All created under vbulletin 4.0.4 PL1

My vb4 skins are colored manually, not using the stupid style generator. Colored accordingly from the 3.8.x version. All my colors are complete; pagination, blockquote, pollbg, announce, search, group & album, blog and cms. I think I haven’t missed any uncolor part.

The BlackOrange and Greenstreets has a box layout, no rounded corners and also default button.

Each vb4 skin priced at 14.99USD – lowest in the market + without branding at all.

Hope you can take a look.
First link is the demo link, second link is the shop link.

p/s: Spain will win world cup!! go go spain take your cup.






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Pre-vb4 custom skin promotion.

Hello Guys.
As per announced here:

I am having a promotion for those who likes to proceed of having custom skin designed by me right now without tired of waiting when vb4 will be released.
you can order now without worry to convert later to vb4 because I will be converting it for free if you hired me now. The promotion time is from 15 October to the time vb4 Gold is released.

Have Fun!.


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Promotion: Custom skin free upgrade to vb4.

As per announced here:

After long waiting, I think we just should not wait. Because if you wait you will only see vb4 next new year.

So I am proposing for those who wants a custom design for your forum(new order) and interested to do with me, I am offering a free upgrade for vb4 when it is out later next year.

This offer applies from this July 18 2009, and previous custom customer can convert their skin later for vb4 as cheap as usd30 only.

you can read more about vb4 in my forum here:

Best Regards,
Hanafi Jamil