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All Our vB5 skins updated to vb5.2.6

Hello Guys,
I personally would like to thank KP from for helping me out for this work to be done.

You can now re-download your style in old shop or new shop whereever you first made purchased.

All our vb5 skins has been updated with the latest vb5.2.6 which saw new event function.

I have updated the sprite image with new icons.
Since the sprite image has new update, I fixed the plus icon for subscribe and new topic for all styles.

Css_global.css which seen a lot of sprite css, I have taken them out and put inside css_additional.css
I also put back the top menu icons and put the footer icons in all of our styles. This uses fontawesome 4.7.0 icons.

I styled the event calendar pop up for black styles, when you click edit button to re-edit the event.

Have Fun!

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