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ONE custom skin for for vbulletin4 (or) vbulletin5 or Xenforo (design and customisation for forum,cms,blog – same design for all) – USD 449.00 ONLY


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Purchase this only after done deal with me in the email.
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Hello Guys,

If you have a budget and specific ideas and requirement for your forum’s new style, you can ask me to do it for you. I have vast experiences in vbulletin and xenforo. I am not PHP coder, I am just a web designer, but very well versed in HTML/CSS3, div layouts and can make responsive mobile layouts and implement javascripts or jquery when needed.

I absolutely can design for you. I can design based on logo colors, colors palette or inspirational websites. Your design will be unique new design start from fresh. I will show the design 4th or 5th day after payment made and if you are not happy with it you can choose to have all your money back.

You not need to worries what is the current version of vbulletin and xenforo. We will always do on your selected version, or if there is release candidate version we not need to wait for the stable release, once stable version is out. We will update it free for you.

For a better picture on what process that we will get through below are the details.

Step 1 – Contact me and Payment.
Before making payment from above button you can contact me, I will reply within 24h.
We will discuss details of the new design.

Step 2 – Initial Design
After speaking with you about your likes and dislikes, reviewing your favorite websites and looking at what your competitors are doing, we create a picture of what could be your new forum site!

Step 3 – You Give Feedback on Initial Design Then We Refine
Now it’s your turn to review what we came up with and provide feedback, including what you like, dislike, and would like to see changed. Based on your feedback we either refine the initial design or come up with something entirely new! At this point if you wanted to give up, we will give back all your money.

Step 4 – The Working Forum Style
Once the final design is completed, it’s time for the behind-the-scenes programming to take place. The conceptual image we created begins to take shape as a real functional forum style!

Step 5 – Finalize the Project – Bug solving – Support
The last step is to have your new style in action in live forum to see it first hand and make necessary changes.

Hanafi Preferences:

Web design since: 1998.

Professional since: 2001.

Vbulletin Design since: 2005 (

Own Vbulletin Design business since: 2008 ( – 7 years

Total vBulletin Experience: 10 years

New Design: Your design will be done from scratch fresh design, designed only for you.

Turnaround time: 8-10days

I will not design forum on drugs/alcohol addict, gambling, porn, religious and politics. Other than that, I’m happy to serve you.

I am confident that I can deliver your custom order with a good specific instructions on color you like or dislike or any example of websites/forums you like and dislike.

Before I deliver the design to you,  I will design it until I satisfied with it.

Know what you want. It is important that you know what exactly you want. What kind of design, what kind of color combinations. You can survey first any websites that you like. This is very important to deliver what you want. Otherwise it will be waste of time. I also want you made a good investment on my expertise.

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Purchase this only after done deal with me in the email.
You can contact me using my contact form here:

My Customer Satisfaction Statement:

Looking forward to work with you.

Best Regards,
Hanafi Jamil Owner/Designer

( * )Custom Skin Additional Terms (As stated on banner)

Money Back Guarantee
* If you don’t like the first design in any way and don’t want a 2nd design to be made, I will give back all your money. The design will be mine.
* If you want a second design made, then you still don’t like it, you will get half refund of the money. And both of the design will be mine.
* If you like the 2nd design, first design will be mine.
* Liking the design, expression of liking it means you accepted it.

Continuous Support
* Support on changes on new accepted skin will be given in term of small changes. Some color changes, some button changes. Some bugs.No more than 3 times of revisions.
* Support will be given the whole version period (eg: version3.8 to vb3.9) in term of small bugs.
* Continous support doesnot mean free version updates every time. Updating templates is another service.

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