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Glad I picked Sultantheme to do my vB style, really easy to work with, understanding and do deliver what you ask for in the best way possible. I will absolutely contact Hanafi again for any designing quest and also recommend him to anyone!
Abdullah, Saudi

Hanafi did an excellent job converting our PSD to vBulletin 4. He is very reliable, has a quick turnaround, and a gem to work with! I highly recommend!
Elliot Smith, North Carolina

I wanted to launch a website for cancer support and got stuck in the initial stages. It was very frustrating. Days past and I ran into Sultanthemes... I purchased the basic black styles. Because of my inexperience and frustration I was unable to download it completely. Hanafi sent me good instructions but because I have no FTP knowledge and I am a complete NOOB I still struggled and was also having trouble getting my vBulletin headers on blog, home, forums to match. Hanafi responded quickly to my requests for help. He also helped me install the skins correctly. Actually he did it for me lol. Free of charge. Don\\\'t waste your time with other people who dont\\\' respond or give you generic instructions. Hanafi is the go to guy for skins. Thanks Sultanthemes!!!
Al Rojas, California

I have changed my site so many times I lost count . When you change things something goes wrong all the time. Sultantheme.com Has helped me out every time I have needed it more then I can say about others . that is with VB 3.X and 4.X and the themes are top rate and a nice price. It is the best place for the best themes out there others don’t even come close
Rafe, via vbskinsreview.com

I just wanted to post a quick Thank you to Hanafi. These are hands down the best Xenforo skins on the market, and Hanafi is a consummate professional. He is quick to respond to requests, and for a quite reasonable fee, he custome built our Futuris design so that it would be unique to our site ... and he did it quickly and efficiently. We couldn\\\'t be happier with the work and with having a Futuris design that is uniquely our own. Thanks again Hanafi!
Tenacious Gamers, United States

Excellent work at vbulletin design
Vitor Reis, via LinkedIn

I cannot speak highly enough about the experience I've had with Hanafi. He goes above and beyond to ensure complete customer satisfaction. I will not hesitate to recommend his services to anyone.

Sutan theme does the job right the first time. Jamil is in class of is own he made our forum look professional and beautiful. He is the Micheal Anglo of themes. Thanks again!
Julian Rice

Fantastic designs Continued support Competitive price And fast response
khalid alghamdi, via vbskinsreview.com

i purchased a custom skin from Hanafi and the customer service was brilliant, the turn around time was within 5 days and not 7 like he said :) i explained to Hanafi what i wanted and he hit the nail on the head the first time. everything Hanafi said he would do he did and more. i now have a top notch forum from a top notch designer thanks Hanafi
phat, south africa

Hanafi is one of the greatest persons I've known. He helped me a lot with all the themes and worked a lot to fix every single problem I had with them. And they were a lot, some of them very difficult to fix and I had all those add-ons installed that made everything a lot more difficult. I recommend Hanafi with all my heart and I remain grateful to him.

Have been with Sultanhemes since the formation of our site in 2009. Hanafi always impresses and the aftercare and advice is tremendous. I am just waiting to upgrade to 4.1 and my first port of call will be Hanafi to redo the skin. FANTASTIC service and thanks alot.
Tim Stanton, Germany

Hanafi went the extra mile for me, after purchasing one of his themes, I had problems installing it, he helped us tweak it and make it work, few developers will do that, usually they will sell you a product and walk away, but not Hanafi, he stands behind his work 100%, I have no hesitation in recommending him
John Cline, via LinkedIn

Many thanks to Jamil Hanafi for his highly professional perfomance and reliable work. I feel happy to have found his site and ordered his Custom Skin services. Will gladly recommend him for future customers!
Sergey, Moscow, Russia

Excellent themes that made our users pretty happy!
Forum Islam , Switzerland