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Refreshes in Nov 2020, Actinium is a super nice sleek modern flat theme come with 5 flat colors (oxley, glacier, ultra marine, endeavour and nutmeg) and custom templates for footer, welcome message and footer social icons.

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actinium1 - Actinium vb5

Our latest Actinium flat design refreshed in November 2020 came in 5 colors variation to choose from. We offered oxley, glacier, ultra marine, endeavour and nutmeg. Please take a look at the screenshot or head up to our vb5 demo forums to see them in actions.

Our Actinium themes has the same characteristic from our previous 3 flat themes but now it is rounded corner job all over buttons, tabs, and forum listing.We have parallax background effect for header and footer. Apart from that the socialicons are placed in the footer.

vb5 experience Improvement

1. This is by far the best vbulletin 5 styles in the market with major (90%)clean icons overhaul. Everywhere you will see icons have been changed with FontAwesome icons using CSS only. It loads pretty fast compare to sprite image. This also means less template edited.

2. The forums tabs are now looking great with icons. Now the forum tabs are no more looking like boring tabbed panel. These tabs is all different across pages.

3. We also provided 3 custom templates for welcome message,  footer columns, social icons in footer. All these 3 will improve the look of your forum. Using Template Hook, these custom template are working without editing the header template or footer template which make your style very much future upgrade proof on that part. We provided a product xml that handles the template hook collection. Please read more in the installation instructions.

actinium 1 - Actinium vb5

actinium2 - Actinium vb5


Please edit the CUSTOM TEMPLATES for Welcome Message, Social Icons and Footer content:
Admincp> Style Manager> Style Name> Edit Templates> Custom Templates> You can see all red marked custom templates on the top of the template groups for easy editing.

**You first need to upload a product add on supplied in the zip and instruction is provided in readme.txt

You can change the background found in the “actinium” folder using the same name and sizing(recommended).
If different background file name but same sizing, it is from
1. style manager> actinium> style variable editor> body_background
2. style manager> actinium> style variable editor> topbg_header_mainnav_background
3. style manager> actinium> edit templates>CSS templates> css_additional.css
line1 : #footer {
        height: 251px;
       background: #8b8a88 url(core/images/actinium/actinium_footerbg.jpg) no-repeat 0 0;

This style is included in ST vb5 Pro Pack and it is RTL friendly.

What is included?
Sprite and logo PSDs with permission for editing. Also included are Style XMLs and readme text instructions.

We always carry the latest version of vBulletin in our repository. THIS STYLE IS NOT FOR vB CLOUD


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