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Hello Guys, all our vBulletin themes prices on SALE now from starting today until 9th July 2016.

  1. All vbulletin theme single price to USD14.90 even the higher priced one like Ardarine and Aventarius.
  2. ST vb3 responsive and ST vb4 responsive both are now USD49.90
  3. The most valuable pack, Super Pack and Pro Pack now are priced at USD34.90 each

The Sale campaign will end 9/7/2019

Thank you,
Hanafi Jamil

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ST vB3 Responsive Updated Again!!

Hello Guys,

Today, we have updated again our vb3 responsive to fix following:
1) I fixed the logout link drop when logged in in iphone6 plus.
2) I fixed the moderator column to have a width so it balanced out the rest.
3) I fixed safari 5 desktop logo being so small.
4) Youtube video in desktop too big

Please read more here:

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ST vB3 Responsive Updated!

Hello Guys,
I have fixed number of issues.

1) Moderator column is not available.
Now you can turn on and see your moderator list.
Admin CP -> vBulletin Options -> vBulletin Options -> Forum Listings Display Options -> Show Moderator Column [Yes]
How to add Moderators – admincp> Forum and Moderator> Forum manager> Moderators drop down> Add moderator

2) Moderation usercp not responsive

3)Default style(responsive) last post columns not default.

4) Instagram widget not responsive
5) “Edit” link in post – editor color picker pop up fix.
5.1) reply post – editor color picker pop up fix.

6. SEO improvement request –
6.1) Added OG and Twitter card meta tag for SEO in headinclude template
6.2)Added favicon.ico in headinclude template
6.3)Added Google analytic script in headinclude template
6.4) Insert alt description for empty alt tags – only left is cron img that is not in the template
6.5) Making longer heading tag for responsive menu and the footer about us.
6.6) Minify 2 external css files.

** for 6-8 you need to do editing based on your site. Please be extra careful with html open and close tag.
SEO score will not change much because default vbulletin 3 links system is dynamic not permalink (friendly URLS) kind of link formatting.
I have done what I can with the SEO. Alt tag for images never missing, their system don’t read empty alt tags. To get good results you need to have friendly URLs and many more subjective stuff such as keyword or backlinking that is not related to template. Happy SEOing!!

Changed templates are.
1.) customfootertemplateL
2) headinclude
3) navbar
6) forumhome_forumbit_level1_nopost

Changed Files

p/s: Please use FORUMHOME and FORUMDISPLAY template from sidebar style if used the style with the custom sidebar.

I have renamed the style so better reflect what it is for example, style with sidebar is named with – sidebar in the end. No sidebar is now is not named with no sidebar because no sidebar is default vbulletin 3 layout.

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STvb3Responsive 2.0 Updated: Underscore line fix

Hello Guys,

I have updated the zip file with the latest fix.You can re-download it now.

The updated file is just the st-responsive.css

It is located inside the zip Upload folder: SultanThemeVB3R>css>
you need to upload the updated file into your forum images/SultanThemeVB3R>css>

p/s: I also fixed the post count in postbit push down the layout.

Announced here: