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vB5 Styles Updated

Hello Guys.

Below are styles updated for “date” being displayed broken in messenger and private message.
This is because the date was custom positioned in postbit. Fix has been applied to below styles.

I also re-update (again) the category spacing modification for 6 styles(bad dragon, bad dragon2, ledang, mahkota, mergastua and rajawali)

Futuris2 has a new logo and Amanius2 have a new background photo.I also fix the breadcrumb and notice padding.

This is the last time SuperPack will have all 35styles updated before I make a new Pro Pack that will sort non gaming styles.

Thank you.

Bad Dragon/ BD Blue
Bad Dragon2
Eridanus/ E BF4
Redxodus & Rexodus minima
2 Saga-x Series
ST Original
4 Ziqrien Series

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Coming Soon ST vb5 Pro Pack

Hello Guys,

You can expect them in 2 week time.

I am sorting out styles.
Now my SuperPack is mainly Gaming Styles. It is time to make a Gaming only Pack.
It is better for categories and concentration priority.

Gaming Styles will be in Super Pack. It will be about 30 styles including Black Series. Yes it will down from current number 35 styles but I will increase later with new gaming designs. This give me room to develop more.

Non Gaming Styles will be in “Pro Pack”. It will consist new modern flat style called “Cerium-d” with it’s variation and some old none gaming styles inserted in it such as Achik,Achik2,Fatih, ST Original and Forumo2.

Existing “Super Pack” customers can switch to the new “Pro Pack” without any charge(free) if they show to me that you are using my non gaming styles and I will check from web archive history, you are using at least 2-3 months back.

This is one time only change, cannot switch back to Super Pack again. This is the best I can think without neglecting or taking advantage existing “Super Pack” customers and without you taking advantage of me.

You can contact me from contact form when it is time to switch.

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6 vb5 styles updated: Mergastua, Mahkota, Ledang, Rajawali, Bad Dragon and Bad Dragon2

Hello Guys,

I have updated again 6(newest-digital art)styles:
Bad Dragon, Bad Dragon2, Ledang, Mahkota, Mergastua and Rajawali

All for 2 fixes.
1. Category Spacing end table tag
2. Comment header has huge space.

Only these 6 used category spacing modification and the next coming new flat style collections.

All zips are updated including the Super Pack.

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STvb3Responsive 2.0 Updated: Underscore line fix

Hello Guys,

I have updated the zip file with the latest fix.You can re-download it now.

The updated file is just the st-responsive.css

It is located inside the zip Upload folder: SultanThemeVB3R>css>
you need to upload the updated file into your forum images/SultanThemeVB3R>css>

p/s: I also fixed the post count in postbit push down the layout.

Announced here:

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Responsive Fix for Bad Dragons

Hello Guys,
I have done fixes for responsive mobile layout bugs for various screens in both Bad Dragon and Bad Dragon2

They are all updated and included in Super Pack.
You need to re-upload the related style folder back for each style you used.
Please read the readme.txt for complete instructions.

For those who missed out previous updates.
Bad Dragons socialicons are now manage-able from a custom template called “STCustomSocialiconsLinks”  not in header template anymore.
Please read more here:

Thank you for your support.

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Mahkota and Rajawali for vb5 Released

Hello Guys.

I am glad to announce that I have released two new fantasy forum theme design. Both are digital art design using Wacom and Photoshop Brush.

I called them Mahkota and Rajawali.


Both included in Super Pack. Existing customers can re-download the SuperPack where you first purchased (old or new shop)to get them both.

You guys can head up to our vb5 demo forum and pick from style selector.

Thank you for your support!