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Gadisku vb5 and Daysee vb5 discontinued

Hello Guys.

Because of the released of 2 new themes here

I have decided to discontinue 2 vb5.2.4 themes. Both are soft colors theme. Have fun! – Hanafi


daysee 1 1024x525 - Gadisku vb5 and Daysee vb5 discontinued

gadisku 1 1024x531 - Gadisku vb5 and Daysee vb5 discontinued

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Xenforo price change and free xenforo styles.

Hello Guys,

Here is our new  xenforo style pricing

Single Style 34.99
Super Pack Xenforo Styles at 49.90usd

I have big plan for xenforo styles. Our xenforo styles also will change direction to gaming. I am converting my vb5 gaming styles to xenforo now as I announced here:

Very soon you will see new gaming styles added to our xenforo collection.

So we have decided to discontinue about 9 styles. All of them available here:

I hope with this new pricing I can continue to sell xenforo styles.

Thank you for your support!

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All 31 vb4 styles are now FREE

Hello Guys,

First of all, I would like to thank hundreds of customers who had purchased at time of vb4 period. I really appreciate your support all these years.
The sales has come to the lowest point where it could not generated a positive income anymore, it is between 0-4 sales even at cheap sales event period.

So it has come to the point I am giving away all vb4 skins free.
I hope no one will use for porn and gambling.

Here is the download place:
31 skins all of them.

Have Fun,
Hanafi Jamil.

p/s: I still do vb4 custom work.

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6 free vb4.1.10 styles

Hello Guys.

Here is another 6 free styles for vb4.1.10 only. These are discontinued styles. (hazieyatie, black or white, mekarsenja, mahligai, pemanis, membara)
Announced here:

Have Fun!