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6 vbulletin 4.1 skins released

Hi Guys.
I have released 6 more skins for vb4.1
There are 3 more black variation skins completing the collection of black skin.
These are from vb3 collection converted to vb4.

First link is preview, second is where to buy it.




black green

black purple

black red

Have Fun.

Any problem to download or anything else just mail me okay! 🙂

Hanafi Jamil
SultanTheme Admin.

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All 8 skins updated to vb4.1

Hello Guys.
As you may already know that I have updated all the skins to vb4.1
It is minor update to compare with vb4.0.8 as I expected.
This version for me is the real gold of vb4 since almost a year from its release.

As for vb4 skin customers, you can just download from your download panel.

Have Fun!

Hanafi Jamil Admin

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vbulletin 4.0.8 skins released.

Hello Guys,
I know this has been waited for 2 weeks since 4.0.8 was released.
I waited to see if any patches and problems and one issue that I had already solved.

With vb4.0.8 you now can customise your own profile page. The skin itself has less controls over the appearance in the profile page.So you may see unsuitable colors not like before. Its recoded page. and for dark skin maybe it will not look so good by default but you can customise it.

Between last version(4.0.7 below) and 4.0.8 is a big jump eventhough small number in version. Some stylevars cannot be used anymore and some new stylevars created mainly for 3 group of elements, bottom box, sidebar box, and toolsmenu. So templates like forumdisplay, showthread and forumhome also updated because I was using rounded corners and buttons css in most of the skins except greenstreets and blackorange. As CSS based rounded corners cannot be seen in InternetExplorer. Icons folders like buttons, misc and statusicons also has been cleaned up in this 4.0.8.

I also updated the readme.txt instructions.
and I included blog and cms style xml if needed.

So now you can download the latest version in your download panel. I have overwrite with the latest zip files.
For anyone who intent to buy 4.0.7 rather than 4.0.8 just email me I will send to you manually your skin.

Thank you,


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Store is back

Just a short note after transfering to a new host.

My store is now fully recovered. You can buy with Paypal and be redirected back to your download panel.
You will also receive an email containing the login & password for the download panel. If you have any problem with any purcchases please contatc me via contact form.

Both demo forums also have been recovered.


Hanafi Jamil

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Moved to a new host

Hello Guys.

As expected that the problem which Paypal IPN has failed is because of the hosting setup itself, so I decided to moved into hostgator after 3 days of un ending hopeless support from exabytes engineer. When the shop is running at hostgator, there is no more problem. All working just fine, the shop the mail, just at the moment I still have a lot of things to upload back to make it normal. All styles in vb3 demo forums etc.

Previously I moved from Godaddy to because Godaddy got malware, But then exabytes has a lot of problems(downtime especially) and when my shopping cart stop working I think this is it. No point to stay. Enough for the problems for about 5 months.

Hope to continue business as usual very soon,

Hanafi Jamil

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vbulletin shop is closed at the moment

My shop is closed for the time being. I will need few days to survey another shopping cart. My shopping cart is outdated and IPN is failing, I need to find an actively developed shopping cart.

Later when I have a new shop, for vb3.8 I wont put one by one again my product in the new shopping cart, maybe I just group it all and sell it as bundle.

I am sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Hanafi Jamil – Owner of

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4 vb4.0.4 skins released.

Hello Guys.

Now I have 8 vb4 skins, 3 are converted from 3.8.x, popular Achik, Pesona4 and BlackOrange. The GreenStreets is totally new design with simple flash animation, it is for vb4 only. All created under vbulletin 4.0.4 PL1

My vb4 skins are colored manually, not using the stupid style generator. Colored accordingly from the 3.8.x version. All my colors are complete; pagination, blockquote, pollbg, announce, search, group & album, blog and cms. I think I haven’t missed any uncolor part.

The BlackOrange and Greenstreets has a box layout, no rounded corners and also default button.

Each vb4 skin priced at 14.99USD – lowest in the market + without branding at all.

Hope you can take a look.
First link is the demo link, second link is the shop link.

p/s: Spain will win world cup!! go go spain take your cup.






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2 more vb4 skins released.

Hello Guys.

Its been a long time since I released the first 2 vb4 skins. I had a little time to complete them after being busy with custom orders. I will do more to add into vb4 collections. vb4 skinning took so much time to complete a single skin.

And new price is 14.99usd per pre-made skin, this is a reasonable price after 2 years of business with a low price(2-4usd) and income from pre-mades vbulletin 3.8 skins.I got around 200-300usd only for pre-mades while other competitors gets above 1000usd only for their pre-mades. I think I have contributed much into the vbulletin community with that old price. So now I am going into the market price and still maybe at the bottom of it.

I would like to guarantee that I still am from the start only do this project from home. I am fulltime working for, so you can expect me around for more years to come.

From the 4 vb4 skins I offered a rounded corners for buttons and categories/posbit for all browsers, so you will have the same look over IE and FF. vBulletin default style using CSS3 rounded corners which in Internet Explorer 6,7 & 8 you will see only boxy stuff. I used original menu and login on top because the facebook connect only work in header template at this time, and the original plan to use a jquery megamenu abandoned because it will have problems with add-on/plugins that add their link into the menu.

So enough for the talking, here goes.

Nafisha – a combination name with my wife.
Buy here:

LadangBaru – a place where I grew up
Buy here:

Thats it! Go Argentine!! Bye bye Brazil 🙂
Happy world cup!

Hanafi Jamil

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New pricing in consideration

Hi Guys.
I have to make an adjustment to a set of prices in my services because of Dollar value declining in my country, Malaysia. It never increase since 2005. I run business in US Dollar so logically I have to increase price. The purchasing power here also declining.It looks like we have a lot of money but we cannot live with it. Middle income range like me is struggling in our country.

So in July I will put a new prices in all my product & services. Up to now my prices are still the most competitive in vbulletin market. So maybe I will join the other skin makers range of price.

I hope you guys can understand my situation.

Happy World Cup!
~ Hanafi

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vbulletin shop is now fixed

Hello Guys.
For those who had trouble to download.

My Shop just been broken because my new host had a bad disk which they replaced with a new disk and put in backup files.
That is why my site was offline last Tuesday for 2 days. And now I already fix my shop so you can try login back to your account.

Thank you for Calin for reporting the issue to me.
p/s: I posted my current status is in the vb4 demo forum.

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We’re moved to a new host.

Hello guys.
you may find a couple of days we were down, but it was actually we’re moving to a new host, ssl cert from godaddy cannot be used anymore. so when ever you’re trying to access us using https it will broke. but normal http was working. But now this is not the problem anymore and we have decided to use normal http eventhough we already buy a new cert. Maybe I can used it somewhere else. The payment gateway is by Paypal so you dont even need to worry.

Its a new experience for me moving from another host.At the moment phpBB shop is broken.


Hanafi Jamil

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2 vbulletin 4 pre-made skins released for sale.

Hello Guys.

For the first time since 5 months of vbulletin4 introduced by vbulletin, I am glad to announce the release of 2 vb4.0.3 PL1 skins.

Morning Glory – Purple & Green nature theme
Purchase here:
Preview here:

Permatakus2 – Black & Red medieval theme
Purchase here:
Preview here:

These are actual links, please make sure you have the right version from the right category from the shop

Have Fun!

Hanafi Jamil

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Internet connection problem until 2nd May 2010

Hello Guys.

For those who needs my support, I am sorry at the moment Internet connection on my side is very slow. This is because they are currently fixing a problem with a submarine cable connecting to Europe and US.

This is the press release.

They said it will be fixed by 2nd May 2010.

My website will not have a problem because its hosted with GoDaddy.
It just a problem for me to give support as such using FTP or accessing website with a very slow connection.

Thank you for your patience.

Hanafi Jamil

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2010 New pricing

Hello Guys.
Here are new pricing for 2010.
The main reason is I am quite reasonable with my 4usd price that runs a year, so I think I have contributed a lot to all of you that can get cheap skin from me.
So now its time for me to become more serious. I was getting 800-1000usd per month and it is low for a family man like me.

My Shop has been up running almost 2 years now, thank you so much for all the support and I hope I can contribute more in next few years.
Pre-mades for vb3.7.x, vb3.8.x and phpbb3 prices remain the same.

Here are the list of new prices. no changes in term of usage.

vb4 pre-made USD9.99
editing header logo text for pre-made – USD29usd
color customisation. – USD99
header design – USD139

updating sultantheme skin to vb4 – USD89
updating outside skin – USD139

forum only – phpbb and vb4 – USD349
vb4 suites – USD379

code PSD – USD199
convert to forum – USD199

Best Regards,
Hanafi Jamil