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2 more vb4 skins released.

Hello Guys.

Its been a long time since I released the first 2 vb4 skins. I had a little time to complete them after being busy with custom orders. I will do more to add into vb4 collections. vb4 skinning took so much time to complete a single skin.

And new price is 14.99usd per pre-made skin, this is a reasonable price after 2 years of business with a low price(2-4usd) and income from pre-mades vbulletin 3.8 skins.I got around 200-300usd only for pre-mades while other competitors gets above 1000usd only for their pre-mades. I think I have contributed much into the vbulletin community with that old price. So now I am going into the market price and still maybe at the bottom of it.

I would like to guarantee that I still am from the start only do this project from home. I am fulltime working for, so you can expect me around for more years to come.

From the 4 vb4 skins I offered a rounded corners for buttons and categories/posbit for all browsers, so you will have the same look over IE and FF. vBulletin default style using CSS3 rounded corners which in Internet Explorer 6,7 & 8 you will see only boxy stuff. I used original menu and login on top because the facebook connect only work in header template at this time, and the original plan to use a jquery megamenu abandoned because it will have problems with add-on/plugins that add their link into the menu.

So enough for the talking, here goes.

Nafisha – a combination name with my wife.
Buy here:

LadangBaru – a place where I grew up
Buy here:

Thats it! Go Argentine!! Bye bye Brazil 🙂
Happy world cup!

Hanafi Jamil

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