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Welcome to the new

Hello Friends and visitors,

I have completed one year full operation. And the last days to full the one year has been really frustrating since my shopping cart has been ruined by me :-), I disappointed by the system because it generates to many database queries 3000+ at one time when it should only at 20-30 queries.So for many months now I have lost many potential customers since they found my site so slow. I am now have to work from the start with a new shopping cart and have to input back all the products from the start.

Since operating the business, I have sold about 750 products including services that totalling over 11,000USD.Custom skin sales is the main sales contributing to the main income. This is my sole business. I am fully working on my own.

2009 mid year plan.
I am going to expand my collection to 2 more bulletin board engines. I am currently train my old school mates to convert all my skins to phpbb3.Still long to go for first release. After that I will train another friend to convert my skins to IPB. Both of them are not treated as employees rather as share partners.

I will also now used div layouts instead of tables for current and future releases. I have done the first div layouts for black series, released earlier.

I will look forward for another bright years to come. 11K for the first year is good enough for me eventhough its small amount.

Any of you that interested in custom skins and another relates services are welcome to contact me for discussion.

Thank you so much to all my customers, I appreciate your support.

Best Regards,

Hanafi Jamil