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Alenicus for vb5 released!

alenicus - Alenicus for vb5 released!

Hello Guys, I am glad to announce the released of our new 2020 gaming theme, Alenicus. This is a gmaing theme that we included in our Super Pack and also available for single purchase here:

We also released a Bunker Red variation for our IXERIUS Pro Pack Dark theme pack. We now have 3 colors.

p/s: Both new themes Alenicus and Ixerius used the images/themes/ directory not like our previous theme we used the core/images/ folder. Please read the installation instructions in the readme.txt

Thank you for your support!

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Ixerius Released

ixerius1 - Ixerius Released

Hello Guys,
I am glad to announce our latest vbulletin 5 theme we called it “IXERIUS”.
At the moment we released the dark with 2 themes only with a reduced price. I will work adding 2 more later on next week.
You can see them here:

Light themes 4 colors. ( Original-Dark Cyan, Red, Blue and Green )

Dark themes, 2 colors (Zombie Red and Black Pearl ).

Thank you for your support.