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2 vb5 Aeunix Dark themes released and Arabic fix for vb5 Ixerius and Aeunix

Hello Guys,
I am glad to announce the released of 2 dark themes from vb5 Aeunix set; Zombie Red and Black Pearl into the ST vb5 Pro Pack and the Dark Pro Pack.
The Aeunix still not available for single purchase. I am planning to do 2 more dark themes and then I can start selling it. At the moment it only available in the Pack mentioned above.

I also have fixed few stuff.
1. Fix All dark flat themes that used the setting wheel icons for the admincp button when sitebuilder turned on. Previously the icon looking off position.
2. Alenicus and Ixerius some folders still point to theme/images. Now all are perfect! pointing back to core/images
3. Fix the Arabic broken design for Ixerius and Aeunix
4. The register button in mobile fix for Ixerius and Aeunix

Thank you Ismael for reporting to me the Arabic display bug.

Stay safe at home,