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vb4 demo and vb3 demo ceased operation

Hello guys,

I have decided not to continue show casing vb3 and  vb4 styles. All of them are free to get. But you cannot see them anymore. I have stayed open the demo forums for vb3 and vb4  even it meant for free download only for 2 years now.

Please continue supporting us with our vb5 styles and xenforo styles. We actively sell and support them in our shop.

Thank you,


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We’ve moved to a new host

Hello All.
If you may have noticed we are down for few days.
We cannot tolerate the problem with old host so we have moved to a new host.

Our main site and shop site are recovered while demo forums are new installation.

Sorry for all the trouble it may cost you.
You can redownload now.


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Sferax V2-Y (yellow) for xenforo released

Hello Guys.

Here is our latest addition.

Sferax v2 Y for xenforo. Now our xenforo Super Pack collection total is 35 styles. Our old Super Pack customers can re-download at the same link.

With this release, I also fix some colors for sferax v2 and sferax v2-G. These colors previously unseen in membercard and form popup overlay.

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3 more xenforo new styles released: Saga-X, Saga-X Blue and Aventarius for xenforo

Hello Guys

We have added 3 more styles to our xenforo collection. Now is 32 styles in the Super Pack.

Announced here.

Have Fun!

Thank you for your support.

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5 new xenforo styles released

Hello Guys, We have added 5 more gaming styles to our xenforo collection as announced here:

They are 4 ziqriens and redxodus.
They are all converted from our vb5 skins.



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Xenforo price change and free xenforo styles.

Hello Guys,

Here is our new  xenforo style pricing

Single Style 34.99
Super Pack Xenforo Styles at 49.90usd

I have big plan for xenforo styles. Our xenforo styles also will change direction to gaming. I am converting my vb5 gaming styles to xenforo now as I announced here:

Very soon you will see new gaming styles added to our xenforo collection.

So we have decided to discontinue about 9 styles. All of them available here:

I hope with this new pricing I can continue to sell xenforo styles.

Thank you for your support!

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Sferax v2 vbulletin 5 styles released

Hello Guys,
I am proud to announce the release of 2 more beautiful gaming vb5 styles from us.
It is called sferax v2. It came with 2 colors, green and blue.

It is inspired from old vb3 design concept but a total redesign that will satisfy your gaming community needs.

Shop Link:


Don’t forget you can get all style with one price.

Superpack customers can re-download your purchase at the same link.

Thank you for your support,
Hanafi Jamil

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General update for vb5 styles and vb3 responsive style

Hello Guys,

We have released updates for both our vb5 collection and our vb3 responsive style

vb5 announced here:

vb3 announced here:

Thank you for your support,


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Ziqrien-O and Ziqrien-P released

Hello Guys.

We have added 2 more vb5 styles into our collection first announced here in demo forum:

All the details in there, please check them out. Both also added in vb5 Super Pack.

Thank you.



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vb5 single style price change

Hello Guys,

Now our single style purchase is 34.99usd, It is the same market price elsewhere. I thought my styles collection also at par with the other competitors that are selling vb5 styles.

Our vb5 SuperPack price is unchanged.

Our xenforo still very low because competition is harder and competitor styles are more advanced in futures like extra theme options because I am not a programmer.

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Saga-X and Saga-X Blue released

sagascreen4 - Saga-X and Saga-X Blue released

Hello Guys,

We are proud to announce our latest style addition, Saga-X and Saga-X Blue. Both come with 2 variation, white reading area and dark style.

They are sold separately and already included in SuperPack.
SuperPack now consist 30 styles. You can get it here

Saga-X :


Saga-X Blue:


sagascreen4 1024x554 - Saga-X and Saga-X Blue released
inspired by HBJ Navigator and Saga

sagascreen 1024x554 - Saga-X and Saga-X Blue released

sagascreen2 1024x554 - Saga-X and Saga-X Blue released

sagascreen3 1024x554 - Saga-X and Saga-X Blue released

sagascreen logo - Saga-X and Saga-X Blue released

sagascreen logo - Saga-X and Saga-X Blue released

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vb3 Responsive Style is now available

Hello Guys,

Now you can continue using vbulletin3 for many years to come,we have produced a dekstop theme which is responsive in nature, fully mobile support that will make your forum look very nice in mobile devices.

This style is not a separate desktop and mobile style. It is single style, it will fall into responsive mode when in mobile.

I have made responsive in many pages beside of main pages. Pages include usercp, faq, pm, user online, search results, advance search and many more.

It also supports big images  preview in postbit, bb code html, bbcode quote and attachment. All will look good in postbit.

It also support responsive youtube bb code, which I put here:

Both postbit legacy(vertical) and normal posbit are responsive. Postbit legacy will fall into normal horizontal postbit when in mobile.

** Please try first in your mobile phone before you purchase.

Please head up to demo forum.Use the bottom style selector.

And here is link where to get it.

Thank you for watching, Please tell others. Thank you inadvance.

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Aventarius vb5 released

aventarius - Aventarius vb5 released

Hello Guys.

aventarius 1024x553 - Aventarius vb5 released

I am proud to announce our newest vbulletin 5 style Aventarius. A futuristic Gaming Style. I will continue to add more.

Single purchase
Cart Link:

Also a reminder, we do have a full package bundle at one price.We call it Super Pack. You can purchase it here.

Our Super Pack Customer can just redownload at the same link.