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New and new super pack

sultantheme new - New and new super pack

Hello Guys.

I am proud to announce our new website design has been launched. Along with that we have 2 new super packs. Both for vBulletin 5 and Xenforo.

Direct link to buy SultanTheme’s Xenforo styles Super Pack:

SultanTheme’s  vBulletin5 styles Super Pack:

Thank you.

sultantheme new 300x132 - New and new super pack

superpack vb5 230x300 - New and new super pack

superpack xenforo 230x300 - New and new super pack

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All 31 vb4 styles are now FREE

Hello Guys,

First of all, I would like to thank hundreds of customers who had purchased at time of vb4 period. I really appreciate your support all these years.
The sales has come to the lowest point where it could not generated a positive income anymore, it is between 0-4 sales even at cheap sales event period.

So it has come to the point I am giving away all vb4 skins free.
I hope no one will use for porn and gambling.

Here is the download place:
31 skins all of them.

Have Fun,
Hanafi Jamil.

p/s: I still do vb4 custom work.

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Gaming Themes

Hello Guys.
I will change direction of our collection from all around themes, to gaming themes. This change will see only gaming themes will added to our collection from now on and we will see new themes coming from time to time.

I hope to design and have more than 10 designs related to gaming.

Coming soon are Ziqrien-g and Ziqrien, a xbox and playstation inspired theme.Both will be made for vbulletin 5 first.

Thank you.