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Store is back

Just a short note after transfering to a new host.

My store is now fully recovered. You can buy with Paypal and be redirected back to your download panel.
You will also receive an email containing the login & password for the download panel. If you have any problem with any purcchases please contatc me via contact form.

Both demo forums also have been recovered.


Hanafi Jamil

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Moved to a new host

Hello Guys.

As expected that the problem which Paypal IPN has failed is because of the hosting setup itself, so I decided to moved into hostgator after 3 days of un ending hopeless support from exabytes engineer. When the shop is running at hostgator, there is no more problem. All working just fine, the shop the mail, just at the moment I still have a lot of things to upload back to make it normal. All styles in vb3 demo forums etc.

Previously I moved from Godaddy to because Godaddy got malware, But then exabytes has a lot of problems(downtime especially) and when my shopping cart stop working I think this is it. No point to stay. Enough for the problems for about 5 months.

Hope to continue business as usual very soon,

Hanafi Jamil

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vbulletin shop is closed at the moment

My shop is closed for the time being. I will need few days to survey another shopping cart. My shopping cart is outdated and IPN is failing, I need to find an actively developed shopping cart.

Later when I have a new shop, for vb3.8 I wont put one by one again my product in the new shopping cart, maybe I just group it all and sell it as bundle.

I am sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Hanafi Jamil – Owner of