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2010 New pricing

Hello Guys.
Here are new pricing for 2010.
The main reason is I am quite reasonable with my 4usd price that runs a year, so I think I have contributed a lot to all of you that can get cheap skin from me.
So now its time for me to become more serious. I was getting 800-1000usd per month and it is low for a family man like me.

My Shop has been up running almost 2 years now, thank you so much for all the support and I hope I can contribute more in next few years.
Pre-mades for vb3.7.x, vb3.8.x and phpbb3 prices remain the same.

Here are the list of new prices. no changes in term of usage.

vb4 pre-made USD9.99
editing header logo text for pre-made – USD29usd
color customisation. – USD99
header design – USD139

updating sultantheme skin to vb4 – USD89
updating outside skin – USD139

forum only – phpbb and vb4 – USD349
vb4 suites – USD379

code PSD – USD199
convert to forum – USD199

Best Regards,
Hanafi Jamil