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The work will be based on description discussed in the emails.
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You probably installed a very good premium WP theme but after some tweaking, it still not looking good. You probably wanted a customized design made and applied to the theme.
This is what I am able to do and help, even though my main business is vBulletin and Xenforo forum design and themes but I can do WP on demand.

Below are the details:

  • Please discuss with me first before purchasing.
  • I will need all the stuff needed in the discussion to start the work. Sometimes I requires login or images.
  • I will need 8 days to complete it. 4 days to design it and another 4 to complete it.
  • I will send to you a high fidelity mockup after 4 days to get approval.

Changes will be done on the new design until you happy with it.
After that support will be given in term of small changes.


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