Venus-X vb5

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A super sleek modern theme comes with dark and light style switch.

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Introducing our latest addition to our pro pack series, Venus-x a 2 in 1 style comes with a style switcher that can switch dark and light style automatically. The switcher that stays true even browsing between pages.

animated - Venus-X  vb5

SharedScreenshot 20 - Venus-X  vb5

SharedScreenshot2 19 - Venus-X  vb5

Value proposition
1. Style Switcher between dark and light for users with vision impairment but normally all users will use it.
2. Slide in menu navigation for mobile replacing the default drop down mobile menu
3. Minimal layout in forum home
4. The sign up button is now styled as button to attract eye attention compare to default just a text link.

We always carry the latest version of vbulletin in our repository


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