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Introducing the Suri vBcloud Theme – a sleek and modern flat design that offers a palette of six vibrant colors. Elevate the visual appeal of your vbcloud forum site with a plethora of font icons replacements, ensuring a stunning and engaging user experience. Experience the transformation as your forum takes on a fresh and contemporary look with the Suri vBcloud Theme.

Please select from the style selector at bottom left :

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Suri vBcloud vb6 Theme is our first vBCloud theme based on our cerium-d but vbCloud restriction of templates editing saw it entitled as new themes. 4 colors are totally new.
It consists of 6 amazing colors comes with a whole bunch of font icons replacement that will make your forum site look and feel amazing!

Here is the list:
1.Suri Black
2.Suri Purple
3.Suri Red
4.Suri Orange
5.Suri Green
6.Suri Blue

You just need to upload the style xml from admincp> styles> and that’s it!

Logo Change
1. Upload your own logo at Admincp> vBCloud File Manager>
2. Copy the link generated after logo uploaded and replace/paste it inside admincp> styles> style name> style variable editor> search style variable > titleimage>

What is included?
logo PSD with permission for editing the logo only. Also included are Style XMLs and readme text instructions.

We always carry the latest version of vBulletin in our repository

THIS STYLE IS NOT FOR vBulletin 6 standalone installation


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