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Dark Aeunix is our unique Flat Theme design made for xenforo2 comes with 4 dark colors. Please check them out!

Please select from the style selector at bottom left : https://sultantheme.com/xenforo2


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SharedScreenshot6 1 - Dark Aeunix xf2

Dark Aeunix for xenforo2 consist of 4 dark colors; Zombie Red, Mmorpg, Black Pearl and Midnight Express.
Logo can be change from Appearance> style properties> basic option> Logo Url
Or just upload the same logo file name into its style folder. PSD for logo and forum icon included.

How to change the top right social icons, welcome message and custom footer columns
Please goto Admin> Appearance> Styles & Templates> Templates>
Then search for “custom” you will find red marked custom templates that we used.

SharedScreenshot3 4 - Dark Aeunix xf2

you can also search for “custom_topbarsocial”
SharedScreenshot 9 - Dark Aeunix xf2

or “custom footer”

SharedScreenshot2 7 - Dark Aeunix xf2

What is included?
logo PSD with permission for editing the logo only. Also included are 5 Style XMLs and readme text instruction.

We always carry the latest version of xenforo2 in our repository


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