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All skins updated to vb4.1.2

Hi Guys.

All skins has been updated to vb4.1.2
If you are using vb4.1.1 skins then there is no need to download the style xml here. The upgrade script will automatically update it for you.
There is only 1 outdated template in forumhome. To be exact the changes is where the activeuser code is.

Have Fun.

Hanafi Jamil

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4 new vb4.1.2 skins released

Hi Guys.

Here are 4 new vb4.1.2 skins added to my collection, so its 25 vb4 skins now.
I will do more.

First link is the preview link. Second link is the shop link.

Have Fun!

Tmn Larangan




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7 new vbulletin 4 skins released

Hello Guys.

Sorry for much delay, I have been busy. These completed last week.
So here are the release of 7 vb4.1.1 skins. 6 of them converted from vb3. SO my collection number for vb4 category is now total of 21 skins available for sale. For Chinese customers, Gong Xi Fa Chai.

First link is the preview link, second link is the shop link.
Ziqri (new design – original)







I also would like to make an open apology to those who requires my help, I have no reason to delay my emails just I have been busy completing orders. I will follow up you guys after this.

Sincerely Yours,