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vbulletin 4.0.8 skins released.

Hello Guys,
I know this has been waited for 2 weeks since 4.0.8 was released.
I waited to see if any patches and problems and one issue that I had already solved.

With vb4.0.8 you now can customise your own profile page. The skin itself has less controls over the appearance in the profile page.So you may see unsuitable colors not like before. Its recoded page. and for dark skin maybe it will not look so good by default but you can customise it.

Between last version(4.0.7 below) and 4.0.8 is a big jump eventhough small number in version. Some stylevars cannot be used anymore and some new stylevars created mainly for 3 group of elements, bottom box, sidebar box, and toolsmenu. So templates like forumdisplay, showthread and forumhome also updated because I was using rounded corners and buttons css in most of the skins except greenstreets and blackorange. As CSS based rounded corners cannot be seen in InternetExplorer. Icons folders like buttons, misc and statusicons also has been cleaned up in this 4.0.8.

I also updated the readme.txt instructions.
and I included blog and cms style xml if needed.

So now you can download the latest version in your download panel. I have overwrite with the latest zip files.
For anyone who intent to buy 4.0.7 rather than 4.0.8 just email me I will send to you manually your skin.

Thank you,