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New Price – New Term – New System

Hi Guys.
1. Price cheap everyday!
So its now official all my skins are for sale at the new permanent price of 3.99 USD.
I have operated for a full 1 year since April 2008 and tested range of prices and 2USD is the longest.I get about 11k+ USD from this business and low skin prices contributed only about 20% of all that. I work by myself and only doing this business. I think I will be the cheapest in the market forever.

2.  Term Changes – Along with this I have change 2 terms of usage.

1.1 By using our PAID vBulletin skin you can happily remove our footer links.

3.0 We OFFER free updates (within its version number) every time vBulletin update its version. So if you bought a 3.8.x version, you will get updates all the time until 3.8.x end of life.

See the different, before this you have to hold my links for 1 month. But I never mind about that.And I only gives free updates for those who buy many. I didnt give free updates since it was cheap and you have to buy an update cost the same(2usd). But Now No more of that fussy term.

No more links, No more paid updates 🙂

3. The New Shopping Cart
Last shopping cart was a plugin from wp-ecommerce, I hold about 230+ products from 2 categories. I never realized that it has generated 2500-3500 database queries each time. That is way to much that we should only operate like 20 -100 queries. I have complaint a lot to my host saying it was too slow but actually it is my shop that was slow.

Now, we can have few guests at the same time compare to the last time. Now its getting better, Its easy to update all my skin at one shot not last time I have to upload the zip one by one. And you will have a download place so that you can easily download back when the version updates are ready.

Its been a smashing pain in the ass for the whole week to setup a new shop, skin it, input back all the datas.
I am glad that I am back in the business.

Anything you can contact me using the contact form.

I will release some new skins within this 2 weeks.

Have Fun! Thank you for reading..

Hanafi Jamil vBulletin Skins Administrator.