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Hello Guys.

Eventhough my main service here is vbulletin, but I can also do FP to WP conversion.  As you know FrontPage htmls are static htmls. The menu and the content is using the same page template all over again. We firstly need separately transfer content and layout design because in wordpress there will separate section that handles things such as pages and there will be theme, which can manage your menus, sidebars, header and footer.

1. My service is to convert all your static FP html pages into WP pages, import the images as well. Do the 301 redirection. If too many it will be in .htaccess and depend on host, some using different .htaccess 301 markup. The content formatting will be cleaned-up.

2. And to convert you old FP pages design into working WP theme, a new theme made for you to match the old design. Menu and sidebar items re added respectively in their on module in wordpress.

3. WP install setup with needed plugins.

So the price quote will be based on how many pages you have, starting from 1-50 pages + new WP theme = 300USD
50-150 pages + new theme = 500USD
more than that please contact me.

Please contact me on more details on what I need to start working and how I will work on it. Or you need me to invoice for your new wordpress website.

I only work with cPanel based hosting provider.All old links are guaranteed working.

Example Customers:

elvispresleynews 1024x554 - FrontPage to Wordpress conversion service

specialistgunshop 1024x554 - FrontPage to Wordpress conversion service

Each Sites I above has unique problems with it’s own and I managed to overcome it. For example Specialist main flash header was missing its text in the Flash. I successfully recover it and the Flash only work in front homepage instead of everypage.

For elvispresley news, The menu is reaching the limit. That is the biggest obstacle I had and it’s huge content (160pages) is impossible to do 301 redirection using plugin, so we have to place the redirection in .htaccess and this is specific code unique for different hosting company.


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