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Latest versions are vbulletin 5.2.x and xenforo 1.5.x

Top :: vBulletin 5 :: ST vb5 Super Pack - All Styles
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All 35 vb5 styles in one package

Price : $49.90

Description:Give your beloved users all the best experience and great choices of styles ever given. The best value of all because it is just USD1.43 per style with this super pack. Your forum will have 35 vb5 premium styles. The best you can get in the market.

Forum Nature Suggestions: Suitable for all messageboard

Forum version: vBulletin 5.2

live demo: login to preview (username:demo / password:test1234)

What is included?
All styles sprite and logo PSDs with permission for editing those PSDs.Also included are Style XML and readme text instruction.

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custom vbulletin skin