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ST vb5 Gaming Super Pack Updated with vb5.4.0

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  • ST vb5 Gaming Super Pack Updated with vb5.4.0

    Hello Guys,
    I am sorry for late update.
    Our vb5 Gaming Super Pack is already updated with vb5.4.0
    You need to re-upload the style folder and the style xml as per instruction in readme.txt

    We are using our own vBulletin's copy of customised SVG sprite image replacement like previous png that matches the style.

    But the new SVG icon colors stylevars are not associated with this custom SVG image because SVG codes are different and complicated between each programs. For example Adobe Photoshop SVG is using different code from vbulletin. Inkscape SVG also different coding from vBulletin but can be used as replacement.They are all SVG generating same image but with different coding. vBulletin provided the SVG code template but it is difficult stuff because we using our own colors and gradients in our sprite that match our themes.

    I tried to used the original vBulletin SVG but the color stylevars targetted all icons in one shot. Meaning one color is used for all icons if they have this color profile. This will be difficult to match the theme where some icons used in dark background while some icons in light background.

    Notes: In the PSD folder, the sprite image PSD file is still provided but Adobe Photoshop SVG export cannot be used as a single sprite and you need to export first as PNG then use Inkscape to open it and save as SVG. Inkscape SVG can be used with vbulletin 5 CSS sprite.

    Some other notes:
    1) I have fixed outdated templates for all styles
    2) I have fixed the poll background for black styles
    3) I have fixed non https links for google font
    4) Fixed some missing icons in sub forum listing for some styles.
    5) Fixed saga x search box floating when turning on sitebuilder
    6) Fix dark saga x forum description has background
    7) Izalusia fix for subforum icons in forumhome missing

    7) Provided "blank_headerC_replacement" folder consist of replacement images for Aventarius v2 header center part where V is located in the center
    8) Provided "header_replacement_for_no_socialicon" folder consist of replacement images for Bad Dragon header center part, forum with no media social icons

    Notes: You need to move up a level all the replacement images into the main folder