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St vb5 Pro Pack Released.

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  • St vb5 Pro Pack Released.

    Hello Guys.

    I am glad to announce the release of Pro Pack. It started with Cerium-d series and included inside extra folder is 5 non gaming styles(Achik, Achik2, Fatih, Forumo2 and ST Original) taken from previous SuperPack collection.
    You can read more and buy it here.

    This mean that we have now a gaming "Super Pack" and a non gaming "Pro Pack". This is better for me to concentrate in and for customers not to waste in buying not related themes.

    For those existing "SuperPack" customers who are eligible for free switch to "Pro Pack" is the one:
    1. Already using non gaming styles available in SuperPack previously at least 2-6 months back. I will check web archive history for this. This include styles that I already made free that previously sit in SuperPack.

    ** Please note that Black Series is remain in gaming SuperPack and not consider non gaming.

    For existing SuperPack customers which not fall under above condition can ask me for discount coupon. Please email me for that.

    Hello Guys, I am glad to announce that we have released our new St vb5 Pro Pack which consist of non gaming themes from us. We will increase the collection