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All vb5 styles updated!

Hello Guys.
All our vb5 styles in our Super Pack or Pro Pack have been updated with vb5.4.1
You can now redownload your styles.

We have updated our vb5 styles to the latest vb5.4.1
In many occasion We saw 2 template changes: header and display topic.

I also fixed the top bar border suddenly appears in this versions. And put in 4 more svg icons missing from last version, the search icons, the fb icon and the alert error icon.

Thank you for your support,

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ST vB5 Gaming Super Pack updated with vb5.4.0

Hello Guys,

Our Gaming Super Pack is now fully updated with vb5.4.0

I am sorry for late update.

Please read more details here about the new SVG sprite image :

Our Pro Pack was updated yesterday


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ST vb5 Pro Pack updated with vbulletin 5.4.0

Hi Guys,
I am glad to announce the release of the update for ST vb5 Pro Pack which consist 4 flat themes  with various colors and few extra themes.
All styles have been updated with vb5.4.0

Please readmore here some release notes:

Next update will be Gaming Super Pack.

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8 xenforo2 styles updated.

Hello Guys,

Here are the bug fixes list for our xenforo2 styles:

1) Aventarius,Ardarine,Bad Dragon/blue,Bad Dragon2 – background not full.
2) Izalusia, Bad dragons – lower screens category design out off box – cut off
3) Mergastua – logo overlaps in lower screens fix
4) Mergastua and Rajawali – logo vb5 theme wording now to xenforo theme
5) Mergastua and Ledang = mobile navtab leftright nav fix


Thank you.

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ST vB4 Responsive updated

Hello Guys,

I have released an update for my vb4 responsive style.
Please readmore here.

Bug fixed.

1. vb4 default sidebar emptied post(for some case).
2. last post single long line fix
3. dbtech paypal donate responsive (css fix only)
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All ProPack Styles are now Arabic RTL friendly.

Untitled 111 1 - All ProPack Styles are now Arabic RTL friendly.

Hello Guys,


All Pro Pack styles incuding the extra 5 styles are now Arabic RTL friendly.

If you are using Hebrew you can read more here:

Thank you for your support.

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Pro Pack 3 Themes RTL update

Untitled 111 - Pro Pack 3 Themes RTL update

Hello Guys, Pro Pack themes, Cerium-D, Xderium and Trixerium are now Arabic RTL friendly themes.

Please read more here: especially if you in hebrew.

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All vb5 styles updated with vb5.3.1

Hello Guys,

All vb5 SuperPack Styles updated,  All vb5 Pro Pack Styles,  All vb5 single style purchases have been updated.
Now you can re-download your purchases at old shop or  new shop where you first purchased my styles.

Please read more here:

Thank you for your support


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Small update for cerium-d and xderium theme

Hello Guys.
I have updated both cerium-d and xderium styles xml and pro pack zip file.

cerium-d: I updated the welcome message to have normal links.
xderiumd: I updated the top bar to have more width to give more rooms so avatar not falling below in small screen.

Thank you for your support,

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6 vb5 gaming styles updated: Mergastua, Mahkota, Ledang, Rajawali, Bad Dragon & Bad Dragon2

Hello Guys,

I have updated 6 gaming styles for a module template that caused a php error in topic list and subforum. The error is gone now.
Those styles are: Mergastua, Mahkota, Ledang, Rajawali, Bad Dragon & Bad Dragon2

All zips updated including Super Pack.

P/s: They are all sold separately or bundled in a gaming superpack.

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ST vb5 ProPack first update.

I have updated the ProPack with cerium-d footer fix where language chooser is active.
And for those who choose not to have footer columns, you need to paste this code inside
Style manager> style name> Cerium-d style name> edit templates> CSS Templates> css_additional.css

Paste this CSS code on top of the css_additional.css

/*-- REVERT to default footer --*/
#footer-tabbar {
float: none!important;
clear: none!important;
margin-top: 10px!important;
#footer-tabbar ul.nav-list{
float: right!important;
clear: none!important;
#footer-tabbar > ul > li{
float: left!important;
clear: none!important;

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vB5 Styles Updated

Hello Guys.

Below are styles updated for “date” being displayed broken in messenger and private message.
This is because the date was custom positioned in postbit. Fix has been applied to below styles.

I also re-update (again) the category spacing modification for 6 styles(bad dragon, bad dragon2, ledang, mahkota, mergastua and rajawali)

Futuris2 has a new logo and Amanius2 have a new background photo.I also fix the breadcrumb and notice padding.

This is the last time SuperPack will have all 35styles updated before I make a new Pro Pack that will sort non gaming styles.

Thank you.

Bad Dragon/ BD Blue
Bad Dragon2
Eridanus/ E BF4
Redxodus & Rexodus minima
2 Saga-x Series
ST Original
4 Ziqrien Series