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Price drop for legacy xenforo 1.5.x styles

Hello Guys,
Since I started to sell xenforo 2 styles already, I have decided to continue selling older version but with a lower price>

Old xenforo 1.5.x styles are now priced 14.99usd each
You can get them here:

And It’s Super Pack is now 34.90usd, below is the product page.


ST Xenforo 1.5.x Super Pack



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6 new xenforo2 styles and a xenforo2 gaming super pack released

Hello Guys,

I am glad to announce that we have released 6 new xenforo2 gaming styles here:

And it all included in a single combo pack here:

SuperPack is now for gaming only and styles collection based on vb5 collection.
And ProPack later will be added for flat themes.

Thank you for your support!

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Pro Pack Flat Themes now sold separately

trixerium3 4 - Pro Pack Flat Themes now sold separately

Hello Guys,

3 themes in a pack are now available individually. Thus you can save a lot by purchasing the Pro Pack here which includes all 3 flat themes below and other free themes.

Cerium D(8 styles) –

Xderium (5 styles) –

Trixerium (5 styles) –


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vB5 Styles Updated

Hello Guys.

Below are styles updated for “date” being displayed broken in messenger and private message.
This is because the date was custom positioned in postbit. Fix has been applied to below styles.

I also re-update (again) the category spacing modification for 6 styles(bad dragon, bad dragon2, ledang, mahkota, mergastua and rajawali)

Futuris2 has a new logo and Amanius2 have a new background photo.I also fix the breadcrumb and notice padding.

This is the last time SuperPack will have all 35styles updated before I make a new Pro Pack that will sort non gaming styles.

Thank you.

Bad Dragon/ BD Blue
Bad Dragon2
Eridanus/ E BF4
Redxodus & Rexodus minima
2 Saga-x Series
ST Original
4 Ziqrien Series

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Coming Soon ST vb5 Pro Pack

Hello Guys,

You can expect them in 2 week time.

I am sorting out styles.
Now my SuperPack is mainly Gaming Styles. It is time to make a Gaming only Pack.
It is better for categories and concentration priority.

Gaming Styles will be in Super Pack. It will be about 30 styles including Black Series. Yes it will down from current number 35 styles but I will increase later with new gaming designs. This give me room to develop more.

Non Gaming Styles will be in “Pro Pack”. It will consist new modern flat style called “Cerium-d” with it’s variation and some old none gaming styles inserted in it such as Achik,Achik2,Fatih, ST Original and Forumo2.

Existing “Super Pack” customers can switch to the new “Pro Pack” without any charge(free) if they show to me that you are using my non gaming styles and I will check from web archive history, you are using at least 2-3 months back.

This is one time only change, cannot switch back to Super Pack again. This is the best I can think without neglecting or taking advantage existing “Super Pack” customers and without you taking advantage of me.

You can contact me from contact form when it is time to switch.

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6 vb5 styles updated: Mergastua, Mahkota, Ledang, Rajawali, Bad Dragon and Bad Dragon2

Hello Guys,

I have updated again 6(newest-digital art)styles:
Bad Dragon, Bad Dragon2, Ledang, Mahkota, Mergastua and Rajawali

All for 2 fixes.
1. Category Spacing end table tag
2. Comment header has huge space.

Only these 6 used category spacing modification and the next coming new flat style collections.

All zips are updated including the Super Pack.

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STvb3Responsive 2.0 Updated: Underscore line fix

Hello Guys,

I have updated the zip file with the latest fix.You can re-download it now.

The updated file is just the st-responsive.css

It is located inside the zip Upload folder: SultanThemeVB3R>css>
you need to upload the updated file into your forum images/SultanThemeVB3R>css>

p/s: I also fixed the post count in postbit push down the layout.

Announced here:

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Responsive Fix for Bad Dragons

Hello Guys,
I have done fixes for responsive mobile layout bugs for various screens in both Bad Dragon and Bad Dragon2

They are all updated and included in Super Pack.
You need to re-upload the related style folder back for each style you used.
Please read the readme.txt for complete instructions.

For those who missed out previous updates.
Bad Dragons socialicons are now manage-able from a custom template called “STCustomSocialiconsLinks”  not in header template anymore.
Please read more here:

Thank you for your support.

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vb5.2.6 second small update

Hello Guys,

I have updated again all my vb5 styles with facebook login fix.

1) All styles – Facebook login fix

2) Achik & Achik2 – login color fix

3) Fatih – burger ico/fix mobile threadlist
4) Amanius2 – Threadlisting double border

5) Forumo/Forumo2 – burger icon

6) Bad Dragon/Blue – mobile threadlist
7) Bad Dragon2 – mobile threadlist
8) Ledang – mobile threadlist, mobilecat image
9) Mergastua -mobile threadlist

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All Our vB5 skins updated to vb5.2.6

Hello Guys,
I personally would like to thank KP from for helping me out for this work to be done.

You can now re-download your style in old shop or new shop whereever you first made purchased.

All our vb5 skins has been updated with the latest vb5.2.6 which saw new event function.

I have updated the sprite image with new icons.
Since the sprite image has new update, I fixed the plus icon for subscribe and new topic for all styles.

Css_global.css which seen a lot of sprite css, I have taken them out and put inside css_additional.css
I also put back the top menu icons and put the footer icons in all of our styles. This uses fontawesome 4.7.0 icons.

I styled the event calendar pop up for black styles, when you click edit button to re-edit the event.

Have Fun!

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All vb5.2.4 styles updated again

Hello Guys.
I have updated all vb5.2.4 collection for the second time to remove a css fix for responsive menu that I have applied for ealier than vb5.2.4 version.
That fix not needed anymore because they coded a new responsive menu.

I also fix some minor issue in suerix, saga-x and saga-x blue.
and there is missing header design code for sferax-g.

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Sneak Peak : Coming Soon vBulletin 5 Gaming Style

Hello Guys.
I am excited about this new style, It is something that you never seen from me before but I am not rushing it.

Please read here:

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New Shop Installed

Hello Guys.

I have installed a new shop engine within the main site. The main site will also accepting registration.

Registration is easy, at time of checkout just need to key in your choosen password.

There are 2 reasons.

  1.  My old shop cannot comply Paypal Merchant Roadmap. It is outdated, it’s developer is not responding to enquiries.
  2.  The new shop will comply with Paypal Merchant Roadmap

I will slowly put products and services to new shop. At the moment only 4 major products added.
Individual style purchase you can still buy at the old shop.

The old shop is still accessible for download and purchase for the time being.

Thank you for your support.

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Our Xenforo, vb4R responsive and vb5 styles updated

Hello GUys.

Here is the update notice.

vb4 responsive updated on 28th May

vb5 and xenforo is updated today.

Xenforo styles update just to reflect version changes, no outdated template since last version. However vbulletin 5 styles has major updates in many templates.

Thank you for your support.

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Our vb4 responsive style updated

Hello Guys,
We have updated our vb4 responsive style.

Now the responsive menu is closed on default.
And we added home and search icon on the left side.
At the moment the search link to advance search page because I am busy.

You need to re-upload the style folder “SultanThemeVB4R” into your forum images/ folder back and style xmls according to instructions.
Thank you Brian for asking about the search in mobile.