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    2 questions on amanius

    Hi Hanafi,

    Is there a way to make the whole amanius style larger horizontally? Would like to have more room to use.

    Second question, what do I change settings wise so I could use a larger header graphic. The one on there now is rather size constricted.

    Thanks in advance

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    It will take you some knowledge to put bigger header there and alter the css part that controls it.
    if you are not increasing its height it is no problem for you to add wider graphic because the center logo part is only 1 image here:

    you can make it wider and your banner can be transparent png24 so you will not have to worry about its background.

    But if you wanted to increase the height to accommodate your banner then you have to figure out the photoshop slice(ctrl+h in photoshop - show slice) and the css that used to position the left and right and the repeating background (css class involved is: .headerwrap, .headerL, .headerR).

    as for the width it is easy. you can go to style manager> amanius> edit templates> css templates> additional.css
    find the class .wrapper1 and change the width from 80% to 100%

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    Thank you very much Napy8gen. That answers everything perfectly.

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