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Hi Jamil, I just wanted to give you my feedback about your work, I think I have not done that. First of all I want to say thank you, thank you for making a breakthrough template! I have been bombarded by emails, pm's on my forums from people that just registered and kept asking me who made the template, how they made it. This template brought huge success to my community and I just can't thank you enough for making this high quality type of work. I've received several feedbacks from digitalpoint forums,, and I think I've had at least dozens of people registering on my forums to just ask who created this magnificent template. People keep telling me they never seen such template created for anything on vBulletin 4.x.x! Your quality of work is just unparallel! It truly shows you spent a great deal of time to watch for every single detail when you created this template. Plus the amount of support you provided me after the job was completed and helped me make customizations is just unprecedented. I've never had a designer ever helping me after completing the project, but you stuck by me on every single point of the way to make me 100% happy! With that said, I'd like to conclude by saying this, I am looking forward to work with you for our next project next year, and possibly another template :
Emon Khan

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Editing Header Logo Text

USD 29.00 ONLY

Every premade skin has its own logo but we provide you the whole PSD(.psd) permission given ONLY to alter the logo according to your needs.(If you have software that can open and edit .psd) But if you want us to do for you so purchase this and contact us to tell which theme you want us to insert your logo. You may need afterwards provide us the logo or the banner for insertion. This purchase is not for creating new logo, but to alter the logo text to your forum name, or you have your own logo so we can properly place the logo without any problem.

Its valid for < 5 skins that you bought at one time.Lets say you buy 3 skins at a time, and then purchase this service, I will do it for 3 skins. Even only 1 skins, the same price goes.

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